To Africa and the world. Steve is the partner for you.

Are you looking to ship vehicles privately or commercially? With an experienced partner like Steve at your side, your exports will be quick and cheap and run without a hitch. We will be with you every step of the way, expertly and reliably taking care of your goods and your documentation for

  • Global shipping on RoRo and container ships
  • Customs clearance and completion of customs documentation
  • The entire export process, including port clearance formalities
  • Storing and temporary storage

We will advise you on all organisational, financial and legal matters and suggest the best possible solutions to transporting cars and other freight, groupage, delivery and collection, freight distribution and even supplying spare parts.

We can offer you special individual help for customs clearance in Douala (Gerard, 00237 77794571, gntendanana [at]

Global transport

We can organise your freight transport anywhere in the world with our partners round the globe – by land, sea, or air as well: with “NAT” , the Nationwide Agency of Transit in Douala, for example.

Temporary storage

In addition to transporting your goods, we can also offer conscientious and expert storage, including all logistical services.

Personal items

We don’t just ship vehicles and containers; we can also take care of sending smaller general cargo, as you require.

Customs and port clearance

Regulations, guidelines and documentation for import and export deliveries will vary from country to country – we know them all.

Spare parts

We will procure and transport spare parts according to your specifications. We will even provide an appropriate guarantee for new stock.

We can offer important extra services upon request:

  • We will prepare your vehicle
  • We collect DHL deliveries and container consignments
  • We can advise you on any topic relating to logistics
  • We provide a link between the dealer and the end client
  • We can pick up your vehicles
  • We can have BVs and trucks/lorries weighed
  • We organise air freight
  • We document your freight photographically as it leaves our yard